Report Builder Introduction

Welcome to Report Builder, a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and powerful add-on for Jira. Designed to transform raw Jira data into a clear, insightful reports, Report Builder offers you the foundation to make informed, data-driven decisions vital for your project's and IT Processes success.

What is Report Builder?

Report Builder is a dynamic tool empowering Jira users to transcend the limitations of standard Jira reporting. Whether you need to identify Agile or ITSM processes bottlenecks, optimise resource allocation, track sprint goals, or enhance productivity, Report Builder is your ideal partner. And the best part? It doesn't require any development or Business Intelligence skills!

Key Features

Universal Report: Fetch issues and workloads, and effectively organise them into various forms of visual data representation - tables, bar charts, pie charts, donut charts, or single-value cards.

Rich Report Gallery: Save precious time and resources with our extensive selection of ready-to-use report templates.

Customisable Scripted Reports: In expert mode, you can further tailor your reports to fit your needs. Customise your reports, or even create your own reports from scratch for complete control over your data representation.

Report Building Service: If you need a more customized solution, take advantage of our Report Building Service. We work with you to deliver exactly what you need for your success.

Enrich and Share Dashboards: Enhance your dashboard with Reports you developed or even external content like videos, Google Docs, and more. Share dashboards or selected Reports only. This feature allows you to have all the necessary information in one place, promoting efficiency and ease of access for all users of your Reports.

Exportable Reports: Reports created using Report Builder could be exported in multiple formats including Excel, CSV, or PDF, making data sharing and presentation a breeze.

100% Web-Based Solution: Report Builder is entirely web-based. Rest assured that no data will be stored outside your Jira instance, ensuring your data's security and integrity.

Documentation Notes

Knowledge Domains covered by the Documentation

This Documentation contains information on following topics:

Introduction to Report Builder

Administrator Guide and FAQ

User Guide and FAQ

Reports guides

Policies and End User License Agreement

Report Building Service Offering

Learning Resources

To fully understand the capabilities of Report Builder and effectively create reports, this documentation provides detailed tutorials and examples for working with both the Universal Report and Scripted Report categories. By following these resources, users will gain proficiency in creating and customizing different types of reports originating from Scripted Reports.

  • Universal Report Tutorial: Learn the basics of generating reports using the Universal Report category, including data pivoting and visualization techniques.

  • Gallery Report Tutorial: Explore techniques for creating Gallery reports, such as the Lead and Cycle Time, Closed vs Resolved, Closed vs Reopened, Ticket Bouncing Report.

  • Scripted Report Tutorials: Explore advanced techniques for creating specialized Scripted Report

By mastering report types, users can leverage the full potential of Report Builder to develop reports that suit their specific needs and purposes.