Reports Gallery

This guide explains the Report Gallery - a source of all the report templates for Report Builder.

Be sure not to overlook our individual guides for each report in the Gallery.

Report Gallery is your one-stop solution for any reporting templates. Here's how you can make the most of it:

  1. Discover Report Templates: Browse through a vast range of templates that you can leverage for your reports. From Universal report to customisable templates, we've got you covered.

  2. Configure Your Universal Report: Begin by setting up your Universal Report - the template that offers flexibility and customization to suit your specific needs with no-code experience. Adjust the parameters, select data inputs, and choose your preferred visualisation styles.

  3. Select and Adapt Predefined Reports: Not in the mood to start from scratch? That's okay! Choose from our predefined report templates that are ready to be configured to match your requirements.

  4. Tailor Reports for Your Domain: Whether your reporting needs are rooted in Agile methodologies or ITSM practices, the Report Gallery helps you identify and choose the most relevant reports for your domain.

  5. Experiment with Beta Versions: Be the first to try out new reporting formats. The Report Gallery houses beta versions of upcoming Actonic reports, providing you an opportunity to experiment and innovate ahead of others.

By default, the Gallery organizes the available report templates based on various reporting domains, namely Agile, ITSM, and Other. The provided screenshot gives a visual representation of the default layout, showcasing how the templates are grouped under their respective domains:

Report Gallery default view

By default, the Report Gallery is organised into three primary sections: Agile Reports, ITSM Reports, and Other Reports. Here's how you can navigate each section:

Agile Reports

This section contains reports related to Agile project management and Agile software development.

  • To Explore Agile Reports: Click on the "Discover all Agile reports" button. This instructs the application to select all the reports tagged as "Agile", presenting them to you.

ITSM Reports

The ITSM reports section houses reports pertaining to IT Service Management (ITSM).

  • To Explore ITSM Reports: Click on the "Discover all ITSM reports" button. This prompts the application to select all the reports tagged as "ITSM", and display them for your perusal.

Other Reports

This section encompasses reports related to a variety of other categories.

  • Currently, this category contains a unique report that allows you to embed any iframe into your reporting.

  • To Explore Other Reports: Click on the "Discover other reports" button. The application will select all the reports tagged as "Other", making them visible to you.

Remember, to seek for a specific report you may always use “Search panel“ on the top of the Gallery.

To personalize your experience in the Report Gallery, you can modify its view settings. This includes choosing between different views and selecting the type of reports you want to see. To change gallery view setting, you may use two buttons which were shown on a screenshot above:

  • Gallery view selector

  • Beta-versions selector

The Gallery view selector button allows you to see all available report templates at once, without them being categorised into different reporting domains. Here is how to enable this view:

  1. In the default view, find the "Show all reports" button, which acts as the Gallery view selector.

  2. Click this button to switch to uncategorised view. Note that the button's appearance will change once clicked.

  3. To revert back to the default view, simply click the button again.

As you see, all reports appear without categorization, giving you an overview of all the available templates.

Additionally, you can filter these reports by category by clicking the corresponding category tags under the "Filter by category" label

Beta-versions selector

The Beta-Versions Selector allows you to access and explore the beta versions of Actonic reports. This secretor is pretty ease for use. Just click the gearbox button left from the gallery view selector and choose “Show unapproved reports“:

Below is how the resulting screen will look a like:

This feature allows you to view Actonic's beta-version reports. Remember, these reports are labeled as "unapproved", indicating they may undergo changes in the future. However, they're fully functional and ready to be used according to your needs.


Now you can effectively toggle between different views and choose the types of reports you want to explore, enhancing your overall user experience in the Report Gallery. you may now proceed with Crafting you first Universal Report or using some of the Gallery reports.