User FAQ

Do you offer app demos?

Yes, we are happy to offer you a free demo of our app and show you all the features for your use cases.

Who is Report Builder suitable for?

Report Builder is a brilliant Jira report app for all Jira users: from rank beginners to coding professionals. Project management, team management, service support, as well as development, can be optimized by using Report Builder.

Is it possible to count data based on user-defined numeric fields?

Yes, it is possible. So far, we have implemented support for custom fields (numeric field types) in the Timeline Report and Workload Pivot report types.

Does the application support differentiation of access rights on per-report basis?

Yes, our application supports this feature

Why can the numbers in the sum row "Total" in the XLS file differ from the original table in Confluence?

Depending on the settings of Excel, LibreOffice, or other XLS editors, the display of the data may differ slightly due to different settings for number rounding and other parameters.

What is the connection between Report Builder and Timesheet Builder?

Timesheet Builder is a unique privacy-compliant Jira time tracking tool. Report Builder can generate real-time qualitative reports in seconds based on Timesheet Builder’s tracked data.

Why should I use Report Builder when I use Timesheet Builder?

If you are using Timesheet Builder for time tracking in Jira and have enabled the “Secure Work Logs” feature, you will need Report Builder for detailed reporting analysis. The internal Jira reports will no longer work.

What design libraries are available?