What are Scripted Reports

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Scripted Reports entail a comprehensive reporting framework, helping Jira users to create reports using their favorite visualization libraries, without developing their own app. Users are able to create ANY report for Jira Core, Software and even Jira Service Management.

100% Safe & Secure

All data needed from Jira Cloud is not passed outside. It is processed directly in your browser.

Scripted Reports development may require extended knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. It is recommended that only trusted users are granted with access to Scripted Reports creation module via https://actonic.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ARB/pages/6891570381

How to work with Scripted Reports

Scripted Reports can be found in the gallery, in the tab “create report”. They can be distinguished from “Universal report”, which is marked in yellow.


  • In order to work with a Scripted Report, you open the respective report and copy it by exporting in JSON format. Then you need to import using the import JSON button. Report can then be found in your “My reports” tab, with the type “Scripted Report”.

  • From there you click into your Scripted Report and adjust the data/filters.

  • You would like to adjust the layout? Then you click on the “edit” button and stark working on your Scripted Report HTML code or JavaScript, to adjust the report layout to your needs.

  • You can save your Scripted Report, share it with others or export it to Excel, CSV or PDF.