How to export reports

Reports Export capabilities

Report Builder exporting capabilities are presented on the diagram below:


Universal Report support exports to:

  • XLSX

  • CSV

  • PDF

Note: Any charts from Universal Report are not exportable. It's only the data behind the chart will be exported. 


Rest of the reports reports (i.e. all scripted reports) support following export settings:

  • Export of entire report (chart + chart data table + report source data) as PDF

    Or export report elements separately:

  • chart exports as *.png image

  • Report table data and report source data export in following formats:

  • Report configuration export as JSON file

Universal Report Export

You can export Universal report data using export button:

The data export will look as follows:


Excel Export




CSV Export

PDF export

Please notice, that for Universal report, only data export is possible. Charts export is only allowed for scripted reports. Please follow the guide for Export options later in the documentation for details.

Export Scripted Report

You can export the entire report as a PDF. Advanced users could also get use of exporting the reporting configuration as JSON. Below is an example of exporting the “Created vs. Resoled“ report


You can also export all the created charts and tables on their own by hitting the download button and choosing the export option: image for the chart,


and print, CSV or JSON for data tables.