User Guides

This user documentation is designed to provide you with all the necessary details to effectively utilise the application, create, save, and share reports.

This documentation is divided into two sections catering to users with different levels of familiarity with the Report Builder application:

1. Beginners Guide

This section is intended for users who are new to the Report Builder. It provides a thorough introduction and covers fundamental aspects to help you start using the application, including:

  • An overview of the application.

  • Steps to navigate through the application interface.

  • Instructions on creating, saving, and sharing reports.

2. Creators Guide

This part of the documentation is designed for advanced users interested in exploring the Actonic Report Builder's open-source reports and platform for creating their unique reporting templates. It comprises:

Please follow this guide carefully to understand and take full advantage of the features offered by the Report Builder application.



For a broader comprehension of the application, we've compiled a list of additional resources. While not mandatory for basic operation, these resources can enhance your understanding and usage of the app. Refer to the following links at your convenience:

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