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Report Builder: Jira Reports and Data Analysis is your all-in-one tool to get the most value from your data and navigate your way to meaningful reports like a compass. You'll find ready-to-use reporting solutions in this visionary and user-friendly self-service business intelligence app for Jira. Its no-code approach saves time and makes structured reporting tangible for all Jira users. Coding lovers also get their fill with the ability to customize reports according to their specific needs with HTML or JS or build them from scratch. No matter what your requirements are, with Report Builder, you easily create any imaginable report and overcome all limitations of Jira reporting.

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Report Builder’s features

Filter issues, apply data aggregation rules, and visualize data with no-code approach

Customize reports using HTML and JS

Create your very own report from scratch

Let our Report Building Service create a custom report for your

Create and share dashboards or individual reports, embed external content into dashboards

Reports are available for export to Excel, CSV, PDF, or JSON

A 100% web-based solution, no data is stored outside of your Jira instance

Benefits of Report Builder

In direct comparison with other Jira reporting plug-ins, Report Builder primarily convinces with these features:

Jira reports with real-time data

No prior knowledge for report templates required

Advanced filtering options with JQL

Create reports from scratch in code yourself

Have individual report created on demand




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Report Building Service

If your company has special reporting requirements, our Report Building Service is here for you – we’ll create any report you can imagine!


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Privacy-compliant timesheets as a reporting basis

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Who is Report Builder suitable for?

Report Builder is a brilliant Jira report app for all Jira users: from rank beginners to coding professionals. Project management, team management, service support, as well as development, can be optimized by using Report Builder.

What questions can Report Builder answer?

  • What is the capacity of my team, and how can I manage it?

  • What is the sum of my story points in my team’s scope of tickets?

  • Was the last month or quarter productive, and how does it compare to the one(s) before?

  • What relationship exists between users, epics, projects, and logged hours?

  • How many billable hours has my team logged for a specific project?

  • How can I visualize complex connections between tickets in large projects?