Report Builder: Timesheets and Data Analysis




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Your personal & company-wide productivity booster

Time tracking is crucial for a business, especially for agile working processes and realistic estimation. That is why we decided to develop our own time tracking and reporting app. We’ve seen the huge demand for a useful and user-friendly framework and experienced it ourselves as well.

With Report Builder: Timesheets and Data Analysis you get comprehensive, fully customizable timesheets and designed reports within minutes. Do not waste your time anymore filling in excessive fields and allow better decision-making instead.

Who is Report Builder for?

For users, team leads and project managers asking themselves these questions:

→ What is the capacity of my team and how can I manage it?

→ What is the sum of my story points in my team’s scope of tickets?

→ Was the last month or quarter productive and how does it compare to the one(s) before?

→ What relationship exists between users, epics, projects and logged hours?

→ How many billable hours has my team logged for a specific project?

→ How can I visualize complex connections between tickets in large projects?


We will guide users through every module in our app with a Step-by-Step introduction, which can be switched on and off any time.

How will Report Builder help you in your daily business?

  • Invoicing:

    • Track time for Jira issues via drag-and-drop

    • Configure the data of your timesheet by using specific filters

    • Check total hours for your timesheets


  • Resource Planning:

    • Adding your team to Report Builder with just a few clicks

    • Choosing the respective team, project etc. as a parameter for your report

    • Calculating the total hours for your team


  • Progress Tracking:

    • Ready-to-use templates from the gallery

    • Powerful coding framework for individual report layouts (HTML and JavaScript)

    • Familiar visualization libraries for report design

    • Exporting your report to CSV, Excel or PDF