Inline Table Editing macro



Inline Table Editing is a versatile tool that immensely optimizes the work with Confluence tables due to its intuitive handling, enormous time saving and lots of functions.

Inline Table Editing macro is a way to work fast with tables without switching into editing mode at all. Use autofill, inline edit your content, multiple filtering options and formulas to get the most out of your Confluence tables.

In the current release, only plain text input is supported.


  • Changes will be saved automatically after 60 seconds

  • Advanced filtering options

  • Autofill options for cells and ranges

  • Reorder rows with drag and drop

  • Macro support

  • Clipboard, Copy & Cut allows you to easily copy, cut and paste data from and into your table

  • High-speed formula calculations. Function syntax compatible with Excel and Google Sheets

    • Basic formulas and calculations

      • Any numbers, negative and positive as float or integer;

      • Arithmetic operations such as: +-/*%^;

      • String operations such as: & (concatenation eq. =-(2&5) will return -25);

      • Relative and absolute cell references such as: A1$A1A$1$A$1;

      • Comparison operations such as: =>>=<<=<>;

    • Built-in Functions

      • Logical operations such as: AND()OR()NOT()XOR();

      • All JavaScript Math constants such as: PI(), E(), LN10(), LN2(), LOG10E(), LOG2E(), SQRT1_2(), SQRT2();

      • Error handling: #DIV/0!#ERROR!#VALUE!#REF!#NAME?#N/A#NUM!;

      • Build-in variables such as: TRUEFALSENULL;

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