Edit table content in view mode (aka inline edit)


Any user with enough permissions can edit tables inside the "Inline Table Editing" macro in the view mode.

Required conditions to start editing:

  1. User has space permission to "Pages" → "Add" (which is a permission to create new pages and edit existing pages in this space)

  2. Page is not restricted for editing (check page restrictions)

If the user doesn’t have enough permissions, the table will be displayed in read-only mode.

Start editing

There are a few ways to start editing a table content:

Keeping previous content of a cell

Removing the previous contents of a cell and starting to fill it from an empty state

Keeping previous content of a cell

Removing the previous contents of a cell and starting to fill it from an empty state

double-clicking into cell

click to a cell and press SHIFT

pressing F2


click to a cell and press ENTER


Stop editing

The cell editing will be stopped by:

  • clicking on another cell

  • pressing ENTER

  • pressing ESC (abort changes)


  • pressing TAB

  • pressing HOMEEND

  • pressing PAGE_UPPAGE_DOWN

Save your changes

Please don’t forget to save the changes you made.

Publish changes button

You can do this by clicking on the “publish X changes” button that appears as soon as you’ve done the first change.


Enable autosave option

You can also choose the auto-save function. In this way, all your changes are saved every 60 seconds.

To enable this option, please click on gear icon and select “Enable autosave” option.


Editing by multiple users

Please note that there is no synchronization when one person is editing something in edit mode and another person is editing the table in view mode at the same time. When editing simultaneously in different modes, the macro checks what is actually saved in Confluence.

If the current edits do not overlap with the ones we got from Confluence, nothing is overwritten.

If there are overlaps, we show a dialog with the suggestion:
a) Publish my edits (saves your changes and overwrites changes of others);
b) Reset my edits by loading others' (saves changes of others and overwrite yours);
c) Cancel saving.

Bring in some colors

The app displays selected background colors applied to cells in EDIT mode.

Additionally, it is possible to change the background colors of the cells inline. Thereby, you can not only select the colors to be chosen from the field, but also enter an individual code – for example, the corporate colors of your company.

To use this option, please click on “Сhange cell color“ icon and select one of predefined colors or add your custom one.