Column sorting


Column sorting option allows you to apply sorting to your table to see content in the desired order.

It is possible to sort by one column at the same time.

Add sorting

To use sorting option, please click on a column header.

On the first click the column will be sorted in ASC order. If you click again, it will be sorted in DESC order. On the third click table will be displayed in the original row order.

If filter function is not available for a table, please kindly check if this option is activated.
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Save sorting

Sorting is saved automatomatically. If you apply a sorting, it will be available during the session even if you reload the page or open another page and navigate back.

No additional actions are required to save applied sorting.

Please note, that sorting is applied on your personal level. It means, that if you apply any sorting, your colleague will see the original table content in the original order.

Manage sorting

Once you apply a sorting, you can see “manage sorting“ button available.

The Inline Table Editing app provides possibility to publish table in a new rows order according to applied sorting. If you click on “Publish table in sorted order“ button, table will be published in the displayed sorted order.


Or use Remove filter option described below.

Remove sorting

There are multiple options, how to remove applied sorting. You can either click on “Remove filter and sorting” button in the top menu or “revert“ changes back.

Remove filter and sorting icon

With a simple click on Remove filter and sorting icon in the top menu, the sorting can be removed.


Revert changes back

If your content is currently displayed in ACS order, please click two times on the column header.

If your content is displayed in DESC order, please click one time on the column header.