FAQ for Inline Table editing





Does the app support the drag-and-drop feature?

We added a drag-and-drop feature for table rows in version 2.4.1 of the app. Please make sure that your version is higher than 2.4.1.

Does the app support enabling/disabling the Inline Table Editing add-on per table or per page?

You can restrict the access to each page or to the whole space using roles or users. At the current moment, we don’t have a mechanism to restrict the access to certain tables.

Is it possible to disable some functions of the app?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to disable some functions of the app, so all the inline functions are always available for users with corresponding permissions.

Is the app compatible with IE 11?

Yes, the app is fully compatible with IE 11.

Is it possible to restrict the editing of the table for certain users/groups?

Yes, it is possible to restrict the editing for certain groups/users, but only for the whole page. You cannot restrict access to a particular table on a page.

Does the app support other languages?

At the moment, the app supports 2 languages: English and German

Does the app support collaborative editing?

Use case: Colleague A is using the app, editing some symbols on the page. Colleague B is at the same time using the edit mode in Confluence to do some changes on the table.

If you're (A) editing the first row, and your colleague B editing the last row – everything will work fine, both changes will be applied one by one without any errors. 

If colleague B saves his changes first, you will see the notification that they are trying to save a page, with the previous version of the content.


Is there a way I can still use the Server version, although I cannot buy the Server license anymore?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any server licenses anymore since 15th February 2023. But what we can offer, is a Data Center license. You can use it on your Server instance and it still works the same! Just contact us, we’ll gladly consult you and find the perfect offer for you.