How to start using "Inline Table Editing" macro

Insert the macro

The Macro Browser allows you to view the list of available Confluence macros and to add them to the current page or blog post.

1. From the editor toolbar, choose Insert > Other Macros

2. Find and select a macro with the name "Inline Table Editing" in the "Formatting" category:

Select "Inline Table Editing" macro

3. Insert the macro to a page:

Insert "Inline Table Editing" macro to a page


Speed it up with autocomplete: Type and the beginning of the macro name ("Inline Table Editing"), to see a list of suggested macros.

Add table

Insert your table to the macro body:

Only plain text is supported for inline editing. Please remove other content to use the inline editing functionalities of the macro.

Save the page and enjoy an inline editing experience!

All the process step-by-step

In Server or Data Center version

In the Cloud version


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