This tab provides possibility to add new calendars, which will be available on team level. Team leads can assign calendars with public holidays to their team participants.

It is possible to add and manage existing leave legends, which can be reused on personal level. F.e. if in your organization there is “Education“ leave type, you can add this leave legend, and team participants of any team can add a personal non working day with “Education” type.


How to add and manage global calendars?

You can create a calendar, manage it or delete. These calendars can be re-used on teams level. You just create a calendar once, then it can be re-used, users save their time to add non-working days. This option can be used, if there are a lot of colleagues, who work in the same contry and might have the same public holidays.

To add a new calendar click on + Add calendar button.

To edit a calendar, click on pencil icon.

To delete a calendar, click on recycle bin icon.

How to add and manage leave legends?

Tired of reading? You can also watch this guide as a video:

To add a new legend please click on Add leave legend button.

Fill out the Title field and choose a legend color, click on the Add button.

To manage existing legend please click on pencil icon near the legend you want to manage.

To delete a non-system legend, please click on the recycle bin icon.

Please note, that there are some system leave leends, which cannot be managed or managed and deleted.

  • Unclassified is used to replace deleted legends. Cannot be modified or deleted.

  • Out of team is used for correct capacity calculation, if user was inactive (out of Joining and Leaving dates), but was restored afterwards. Cannot be modified or deleted.

  • Vacation is used for vacations. Can be modified, but cannot be deleted.

  • Emergency is used for emergency. Can be modified, but cannot be deleted.

  • Sick leave is used for sick leaves. Can be modified, but cannot be deleted.

  • Team calendar is used to show calendar, which was assigned to a team participants by a team lead. Can be modified, but cannot be deleted.

How can I save the changes in the tab?

Changes are automatically saved. After aplying any changes you will see a success flag.

For example, you will see the flag “Legend has been successfully deleted!“