Easy set up


Configuration module can be accessed only by Jira Administrators. With this module, you can apply settings related to work with periods, global calendars, permissions for creating teams, and set up the timer functionality. The changes applied on the configuration level are inherited at the individual team level.

To set up the Timesheet Builder easily and fast please use this documentation page. If you need some additional or specific settings please refer to the documentation of respective configuration tabs.

Easy set up

To start working with the app you need to set up some settings according to your business needs. Please read this article in order to get some suggestions, on what should be set up before app usage.

Once you installed the app, please navigate to the configuration and set up the following settings:

  1. On the Dates and periods tab please set up:

    1. First day of the week (Mon or Sun)

    2. Period and its duration (if you have some periods closure and work log approvals process)

    3. Period start date (the first period during which capacity will be calculated)

  2. Data Center only: Allow or disallow the use of secured work logs on the Worklogs tab

  3. Decide who will be able to create and manage teams on the Permissions tab

  4. Switch to the Timesheet Builder work log panel from the default panel. For more information and step-by-step instructions, read more on the respective articles for Cloud and Data Center versions.