User labels


User labels are used to create and organize the structure of your organization. F.e. an administrator can create a “Part-time“ label and assign it to a single or to multiple users. If organization locates in multiple countries or cities, admin can create labels according location list.

These labels can be used to see user locaion, job title, employee type (internal or external) and will help managers to find worklogs, created in specific location.

User labels are displayed in Teams module and are visible for team leads on team overview page and in the list of team members.


Labels list management: Create and manage labels

How to track and manage existing labels?

Existing labels are displayed as tags below the Labels list management.

You can scroll through the list of existing labels and delete any label by clicking on the x icon near the label.
You should confirm your action in the opened modal dialog.

Please note:

  • the changes are irreversible

  • deleted labels are not shown to users

How to create a new label?

To create a new label, please click on Create new label button.

Please fill in the label name field on the opened modal dialog and click on Create.

User label management

In User label management section, you can filter the users, check labels assigned to filtered users, assign new labels or delete an existing label.

How to filter users to track their labels?

By default, the user list is empty. You should apply some filters to see the list of users with their labels.

You can search for multiple users in the search field, search by team in the Team field, and search by already assigned labels in the Label field. To delete a choice, you can click on the x icon in the respective field. The Team, labels, or user will be deleted from search criteria immediately.

On the right side, you can find the information about the count of users found according to your selected filter options.

You can navigate between pages, if the current page contains fewer users than match the criteria. You can also select the display option to display the list by 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 users per page. To choose any of the formats, please select the preferred option in the bottom-right corner. In the bottom-left corner, you can see the total count of users shown on the current page.

How to bulk assign new labels to filtered users?

If at least one filter is used and a value is chosen, + Bulk assign to filtered button is available.

Click on + Bulk assign to filtered. Modal dialog should appear. Select at least one label and click on Assign. Selected labels will be assigned to filtered users.

How to assign a new label to a single user?

Click on the arrow icon of the dropdown field in the Labels column near the user. Choose your labels by marking a checkbox near the respective label.

How to delete an assigned label of a single user?

Click on the arrow icon of the dropdown field in the Labels column near the user. Unmark checkbox near the label you want to remove for chosen user.

How to save the changes?

Changes are saved automatically.