How to convert Tempo worklogs to standard Jira worklogs? (Cloud only)

The Timesheet Builder Cloud app has the possibility to convert Tempo Timesheet worklogs to standard Jira worklogs. This option can be used to start using another add-on. Tempo worklogs are created in a unique way and are not visible anywhere outside of the Tempo Timesheet app.

To convert the worklogs, you can choose the option “Migrate data from Tempo Timesheets app“, available on the Export/Import tab in the configuration.

Please note that due to technical limitations and realisation of worklogs in Tempo Timesheets, it is not possible to convert the worklog change history. So, if a worklog has been edited, the updated worklog will be converted to a standard Jira worklog, but without a label that it has been changed.

This option is available if Tempo Timesheets is installed. As a validation, the presence of a Tempo user is checked. If no Tempo user is found, the option of migrating worklogs from Tempo is not available.

  1. Please click Start

2. Generate a token in the Tempo Timesheets app. How to generate a token:

3. Enter Tempo Timesheets token in the field

4. Click Start

If no Tempo worklogs were found, the process will be stopped with the corresponding information. Otherwise, the process will continue.

5. You can stop the process any time by clicking on Stop button.

Please note that the change is irreversible! Converted worklogs can’t be converted back to Tempo. The process will be immediately stopped and remaining worklogs will remain as Tempo worklogs.

6. In case of an error, you will receive an email notification. The table with the worklog ID, issue key with a hyperlink, and the failure reason can be found in the Configuration - Export/Import tab as well.

Please check the reason of failure and restart the process by entering the token and clicking Start (please refer to step 3).