How can I switch to Timesheet Builder Work logs panel in Cloud?


After the app installation, you might see the standard work log panel in the Jira issue view with the standard Jira design. Our panel has some design differences. It is a normal behavior, and this setting should be changed manually.

Why should I switch to the Timesheet Builder panel?

Please note, that we strongly recommend switching to the custom Timesheet Builder tab. It will enable you to see your work logs for each ticket and will help to avoid confusion or losing work logs by saving all logged hours in one place. To hide the Jira standard option, please follow the instructions below.

How can I switch to the Timesheet Builder work logs panel?

Please follow the instructions below or watch our step-by-step guide:

By default, the Jira standard work log panel is used, even if you installed the Timesheet Builder app. This setting should be changed manually.

To change the panel, please follow these steps:
1. Navigate to the settings icon in the top right corner
2. Choose Issues
3. On the Issues page please scroll down and the option “Issue features” is now displayed in the left menu. Navigate to the “Time tracking” option
4. In the middle of the screen you should see the option to change the time tracking provider. Please switch to the Timesheet Builder Time Tracking Provider.
5. You can now view your work logs in the Timesheet Builder section of each Issue.