Inline Table editing

An easy-to-use app to edit your columns and rows


The Inline Table Editing tool allows users to directly edit the content of a table without switching to Edit mode, which is very convenient when working on pages with a lot of content.

Editing is done using the following icons:

  • Move the full row. Use the inserted gray arrow icon to drag the row
  • Edit the cell by clicking on the inserted gray edit pencil
  • Dropdown icon for еру the following options:
    • Insert column before, insert column after
    • Insert row below
    • Remove column, remove row
    • Merge this cell with the next one


The user is able to configure the Inline Table Editing plugin. The following options are available:

The "Always show icons" option allows the user to choose if the icons should always be shown for each cell by default or just during mouse-over. 

Example: when the "Always show icons" is set to "yes" it looks like this:

The "Row button layout" option allows the user to choose on which side of a table's row, the arrow should be shown.

Example: the arrow appears on left side of the table

Or right side:


Use cases:

Edit table elements (rows and columns)

The user is able to add/remove columns using the "insert column before", "insert column after", "remove column" options. These options are available to be used in any cell in the table. 

The newly created column will be added before/after the column with the cell:

In case you want to remove a column, a warning message to confirm this action will appear. The user needs to approve this action:

The user is able to add/remove or re-order rows using the "insert row below", "remove row" or "move row"options. Drag the row using these icons. These icons are available for use in all rows in the table, except the header row. It is not possible to delete or move the header row.

The newly created row will be added as shown below:

In case you want to remove a row, a warning message to confirm this action will appear. The user needs to approve this action:

Edit table cells

The User is able to edit cells using the "Edit cell" pencil or just by double-clicking on the cell. These options are available for use in all cells in the table. 

Besides the ability to insert any new content, the user is able to use the rich text editor. It allows the user to format the text or to put macros inside the table as shown below:

  • In order to save changes click on save button or use hotkey "CTRL+S"

  • To cancel changes click on cancel button. 
  • Also, the user is able to merge cells using the "merge this and next cell" option. This option is available to all cells in the table, except the cells in the last column.

  • After that, the cell can be split via the "Split the cell" option. This icon only appears for merged cells.

Restricting editing functionality

There are a few options to close the possibility of editing tables.

  • First option: Depends on user needs. If some users don't want to use Inline Table editing, they can disable it in their own personal user profile. Also, they can disable editing by double-clicking.

  • The second option: close possibility by space administrators or page owners. Our app has a configuration for each page and for the whole space that allows disabling editing on it.
  • In case of page configuration you need to go to "..." menu. Choose Inline Table Restrictions option, then add users, that have access to editing functions, all other users will lose access to editing.

  • In case of space configuration, you need to open Space Tools → Permissions → Inline Table Restrictions and to apply users you want to be able to edit pages. This configuration has less priority than page restrictions, so you can close editing for whole space, but open for some pages.

Whitelisted macros

Inline Table Editing tool works inside whitelisted macros.

  • Column
  • Excerpt
  • Expand
  • Info
  • Note
  • Page properties
  • Panel
  • Section
  • Tip
  • Warning
  • Presentation slide
  • Presentation slide fragment

Known Issues

  1. Currently, it is not possible to add task list using icon.