Extended Attachment Manager

The Extended Attachment Add-on offers you the possibility to identify duplicated attachments in you Confluence system.

  • The add-on doesn't modify any content or attachments.
  • Attachments will be marked as duplicated if they have the same content.
  • The installation starts a background job which checks all existing attachments. The job runs asynchrone and by careful utilization of existing resources to do not slow down the system! Updates e.g. in case of new attachments are event based triggered.

Filter Attachment Filters the overview by attachment name
Filter PageFilters the overview by page name
Filter SpaceFilters the overview by space key

Filter Duplicates only

If checked only duplicated attachments will be shown. If not checked, duplicated attachment groups getting a gray background.

Starts the search or additionally you can also start searching by press enter after you have type something in a filter input field

TableOverview table of attachments. Depending on the filter configurations there will be shown all attachments stored in the systems or just a individual result. For a large amount of entries a paging navigation will be displayed at the bottom of the table. Furthermore at the right you can choose how many entries per page will be displayed.
Column IconRelated to the attachment type an individual icon is displayed e.g. for PDF or Word. In case of a duplicated attachment block there will be a warning icon shown.

Column Space

Space key where the page/attachment is located
Column PagePage where the attachments is part of
Column AttachmentName of the attachment

Column Modified

Last modification date of the attachment
Column SizeSize of the attachments. For a duplicated attachment block there will be a summary in brackets of all attachments at the right.