Inline Comments in Editor Documentation

Inline Comments in Editor  


Save time and do better work with a new way of giving feedback on pages and files in Confluence. Inline comments are a great way to bring others into the conversation about a page or blog post. They allow you to remark on content, add important information, ask questions, and generally drive collaboration and teamwork.

Now you can see an inline comment at the top of the editor and navigate to the highlighted text to change it accordingly.

Use cases

Start working with native inline comments in "View" mode using the default Confluence tool 'Add Inline Comment'.

Then go to "Edit" mode and keep on working with the same inline comments.

Click on 'Show/Hide inline comments' button at the top right corner of the page. As a result, all parts of the text that contain inline comments will be highlighted.

Click on any highlighted part of the page to see inline comments.

Navigate to any inline comment you need using arrows: 

Resolve/delete inline comments

You have the opportunity to resolve or delete inline comments directly while editing a page or blog post.

Hide inline comments

To close a window with an inline comment, click on the cross button of the window - as a result, all highlighted parts of the text will remain and you can continue working with them.

To hide all highlights, click on the 'Show/Hide inline comments' button.