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Click-and-run is your one-click solution for flexible Jira and Confluence instances.

Create, discard and switch between multiple server installations for demo, testing or training purposes in a matter of minutes.

Manage your infrastructure quickly, easily, securely and flexibly.

User guide


To use Click-and-run service authorization is required.

Navigate to to log in or sign up.

Use Logout button at the top right corner to stop current User session.


Creating a New Server 

You can use two procedures in order to create a new Server: using a Create Server button and using Instant Servers Pool. Instant Servers Pool is the fastest way to start a new predefined Server.

Take into account that when you create a new Server, you should consider that the number of active servers and the number of servers in your list are limited by the license. 

You can find information about remaining Active Servers at the bottom of the home page. Stop one of the active servers if you do not have enough slots. If you do not do this, an error message will be shown. 

Creating a new Server via Create Server button:

      1. Log in to and click on Create Server button

      2. Enter a Server name, choose Application and Version, then click Create


     3. During creating or stopping the server following icon is shown . Wait till the process is completed 

Creating a new Server using Instant Servers:

  1. Select one of the available options from the server pool

      2. After you choose one of  the Instant Servers it will appear in your servers list already up and running


Managing Server

Start and Stop Server

 In order to Start and Stop Servers use the playback-like controls to activate and suspend them:

Operating Server

For Active Services use action button  to see operating options: Open, Passwordless login, Show Credentials, Rename, Delete.

  1. Open - redirects you to your server's login page
  2. Passwordless login - redirects you and to  your server without additional authentication 
  3. Show credentials - shows your login and password to your server, there you can edit the password 
  4. Rename - provides you an option to rename your server
  5. Delete - deletes current server

For Stopped Servers following options are available: Rename, Clone and Delete.

Clone Server

You can easily clone your existing Server with all settings using Clone button.

To clone server:

  1. Click on Actions button when the server is not active
  2. Choose Clone option
  3. Wait till cloned Server will be up and running

Managing User Profile

The User Profile Page is accessible from main page by clicking on your name link at the top right corner. Here you can specify your name, your e-mail address and change your password.

Change User name and e-mail address 

  1. Go to User Profile by clicking on your name link at the top right corner
  2. Click on 'Edit' button

     3. Specify new Email address and/or Full name. Click Update.

Change User Password

  1. Go to User Profile by clicking on your name link at the top right corner
  2. Click on 'CHANGE PASSWORD'

     3. Enter your old password and the new one with confirmation. Click Update.


For technical support, Licensing and billing questions or other issues you've faced using Click-and-run service navigate to Help > Support.