Transform any Confluence page into interactive presentation.

  • Use new macros Presentation Slide and Presentation Fragment to split page content to slides.
  • Use any Confluence macro, formatting styles and tables in your presentation.
  • Customize templates using CSS.


User is able to configure SlideIt Plugin and select presentation library and default theme from the list:

Also there is option to create custom theme with custom css. Select 'Default theme' = 'Custom' and insert necessary css:

Use cases:

How to split Confluence page content to slides

  1. To transform any Confluence page into presentation need to open it in 'Edit' mode
  2. Then select necessary part of the page (may contain formatting styles, images, tables and other elements) to create a slide from it 
  3. Select 'Slide' macro from context menu

In the newly opened window user is able to see preview of the slide. Also there is option to set if the slide will be visible. 

As a result selected text will be shown as a presentation slide in 'Edit' mode. User has options to Edit or Remove it

User can split all the content to slides

How to start the presentation. Formatting style

After splitting the page in 'Edit' mode click on 'Save' button and move back to the Confluence.

To start presentation click on '...' > 'Start presentation'

Before start the presentation user needs to select presentation library and theme. Also custom format can be selected there

Then click 'Start' button.

User can move from slide to slide using keyboard arrows or by clicking on certain slide at the bottom of the page

Also following hotkeys will help user to work with slides:

Alt + F1 - show this help

F2 - full screen mode

Backspace - go back to the page

ESC - toggles the overview mode

Slide group name

To make presentation process easier, more informative and visual user can group slides by common group name. To make it navigate to 'Edit' mode and during creation or editing slides add value to 'Group name' parameter:

Add same 'Group name' to slides you want to merge by subject, content or to highlight them visually

When user starts presentation grouped slides are shown in one column and user can simply navigate to them using up and down keyboard arrows or by clicking on certain slide at the bottom of the page.