Calendar Report (Beta)

How to use the Calendar report

Users can use the Calendar report to show any issue field in a calendar representation. For example, users can configure the start date as the event's start in the Calendar, and the end date would be the event's end date.
The Calendar report has three views: monthly view, weekly view, and weekly view with time.


Users can change it by clicking on the corresponding button.

How to create the report

Users can create a new source shown in the Calendar by clicking on the button "Add Source" in the top right corner. Users can also remove or edit old ones and set the source as visible / not visible. Users can set the source as visible by clicking on the checkbox at the left of the source in the list.


A pop-up will appear, that needs to be configured.

In the “Add Calendar Source” dialog users need to set:

  1. Color of your events: Pick any color

  2. Source name

  3. Filter By: Users needs to select which projects, issues, etc. they want to see in the Calendar.

  4. Event Start Time

  5. Event End Time

  6. View Event Fields: These fields will be shown in the body of the event card

  7. Event Info-card Fields: These fields will be shown in the pop-up after clicking on the event card.

Afterward, users can see which fields have issues shown as an event in their calendar. In the body of the event card, users can see the list of event fields with brief information about the issue.


To get more info about the issue, users can simply click on the event card.

Filtering the visible calendar sources in your calendar

On the right side, you have the option to filter your “Calendar sources”. You can hide or show them by clicking on the button next to the source.

For changing the range in which you see the calendar, you need to change it with buttons or click on the text with the date and pick the needed week or month. Also, you can see the today range by clicking on the “Today” button.


Use cases

  • Show when employees have weekends, vacations, etc.

  • Show range between the start date and end date of solving issues