Restricting editing functionality

There are a few options to restrict the possibility of editing tables.

Per User

First option: Depends on the user needs. If some users don't want to use Inline Table editing, they can disable it in their own personal user profile. Also, they can disable editing by double-clicking.

Per page

The second option: close possibility by space administrators or page owners. Our app has a configuration for each page and for the whole space that allows disabling editing on it.

In case of page configuration you need to go to "...", choose the "Inline Table Restrictions" option, then add users that shall keep the access to editing functions, all other users will lose access to editing

Per Space

In case of space configuration, you need to open “Space Tools → Permissions → Inline Table Restrictions” and to apply users you want to allow to edit pages. This configuration has less priority than page restrictions, so you can restrict the editing permissions for the whole space, but open the rights for some pages.