Performance improvement guide

Table of contents:

Notifications & Announcements: showing new announcements in real-time

By default, the app uses the functionality which displays new announcements to all the users in real-time. In order to provide this functionality, the app sends GET request to URL "%Base URL%/rest/actonic-gdpr/1.0/announcing/next" every 90 seconds, which may produce some overhead on servers with 10k+ users. Jira administrators can disable this feature on the configuration page. 

How to disable displaying new announcements in real-time:

  1. Open the app's configuration page: "%Base URL%/secure/admin/actonic-gdpr-configuration.jspa"

  2. Uncheck the "Show new announcements in real-time" box

Access statistics

This functionality allows tracking users' activity including ticket view by browser and REST calls. It means that if a user accesses some ticket content it will be tracked in most of the cases. 

This functionality is deactivated by default, but tracking of REST calls implemented through ServletFilters and they keep on working even if the feature is disabled. In some combinations with 3rd party apps that actively using REST call in the background, the feature may produce overhead on high-loaded servers. 

How to disable Access Statistics and all its features:

1. Check that Access statistics is disabled on the app's configuration page: "%Base URL%/secure/admin/actonic-gdpr-configuration.jspa"

2. Open "Manage apps": "%Base URL%/plugins/servlet/upm". Expand the app's modules. Scroll down and disable two modules: "servlet-filter-for-issue-rest" and "collect-rest-usage-servlet-filter".