Access Statistics

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The module tracks & stores all "Page View" events for every user including anonymous ones.

It offers the ability to filter access statistics by a “space or page in space” and provides information on who has accessed the issue and when. The access statistics results can be filtered by a user (which pages a user has seen and when).

It keeps statistics for some period (by default 3 months); the time duration is configurable.

The module can be activated & deactivated by a Jira Administrator

Filtering options

You can filter the results of the “access statistics” by:

  • User

  • Project

  • Ticket ID

  • Date from/to

After this, you can click on the "Filter" button to see the results.

The filter results are shown in a table format. The columns are date, project, issue, user, IP address, and type.

This tool differentiates a browser call which was made by any browser and REST call which was made by a 3rd party application.