Migration Plan to DC

Anonymizing Jira users is a great feature to comply with strict privacy policies. But do you want to apply this feature to Data Center? Are you interested in deeper search functions, creating customized announcements including statistics? Then the migration to GDPR and Security for Jira is worth recommending.

You will also profit by exclusive discounts!

This is how you proceed:

  1. If you use the User Anonymizer and are interested in more features, just contact us!

  2. We will then offer you a promo code that allows you to use the app GDPR and Security for Jira completely free of charge for the rest of your User Anonymizer license term.

Your benefits

  • Unser Anonymization also on Data Center

  • More benefits, more attractive prices

  • Deep features like

    • Creating Announcements

    • Collect Consent and see statistics

    • Easily monitor permissions for Jira

    • Define recurring tasks

    • Quick search for personal data

    • Anonymize Jira users


We have set the initial price for our GDPR app in order to test the demand on the market. Our prices dynamically adapt to the market conditions and will be communicated completely transparently in the future.