Data residency | Cloud

We provide full data residency for our Cloud app. We do not store any in-scope data on our side. Everything is stored on the Atlassian site, and the work logs, which are created using the Timesheet Builder app, are created as standard Jira work logs.

Our app sends requests to Jira, and all data is processed on the Atlassian side.

If you’re interested in this topic, refer to our information article about data residency in the Atlassian Cloud:

Read more about in-scope data:

In our Data Center in the EU, we store:

  1. Team name and team IDs

  2. Team period list (capacity per period and start and end dates of each period, period status (opened, closed))

  3. Team roles and team role IDs

  4. Team member (role, join and leave dates, groups, user ID, global calendar ID, workload calendar ID)

  5. Global calendars and global calendar IDs

  6. Workload schemes and workload scheme IDs

  7. Non-working days legends and non-working day IDs

  8. User labels and user label IDs

  9. Instance key

  10. User IDs