Getting started


Space Permissions Overview is the tool that helps you easily manage permissions for multiple Confluence Cloud spaces to ensure the security of your sensitive corporate data.


Data security is becoming more and more crucial in these times. Due to high penalties for non-compliance with some guidelines, the word “data security” alone is now frowned upon, arousing fears and concerns. One of our customers felt the same way. Their Confluence Cloud administrators approached our consultants looking for solutions to easily manage space permissions in Confluence Cloud and view them on one clearly structured page.

As a Confluence Cloud administrator, you are responsible for many spaces and instances and want to manage the space permissions effectively? Then Space Permissions Overview is just what you need!

Because for permission management, the problem starts when multiple space admins are changing space permissions. Errors happen quickly, are difficult to find with built-in solutions from Confluence Cloud and require intensive, manual work. For large organizations managing numerous instances and Confluence spaces, this app is the solution.

Here's what this app can do:

  • Filter for global or personal spaces

    • Easily find what you’re looking for

  • Find spaces with anonymous access

    • Ensure that no unauthorized users or search engines access critical information

  • Handle personal permissions

    • Keep track of who shares which information

  • Filter permissions by users or groups

    • Detect and manage permissions for former employees

  • Easily export

    • all your permissions to JSON

    • the list of spaces to CSV