Release notes

Data Protection and Security Toolkit for Jira DC

May 16, 2023 | Version 3.0.0

Exciting updates in the Announcer Module of Data Protection and Security Toolkit, including draft saving, improved visibility, search enhancements, template creation wizard revamp, exportable statistics, and a new recycle bin concept.

We are excited to introduce the following new features and improvements in the Announcer Module of Data Protection and Security Toolkit:

  1. Draft Announcements:

    • Save your work and return to it later before publishing.

  2. Improved Visibility:

    • View announcement access, response status, and project associations directly from the dashboard.

    • See the contributors and a quick preview of the announcement description.

  3. Enhanced Search and Filter:

    • Utilize the new search bar and filter functionality for more straightforward navigation.

  4. Reimagined Announcement Template Creation Wizard:

    • Experience live previews during the creation process.

    • Open previews in a new window for better viewing.

    • Enjoy a more efficient creation process with fresh UI/UX updates.

  5. Exportable Statistics:

    • Export announcement statistics for in-depth analysis and reporting.

  6. New Recycle Bin Concept:

    • Deleted announcements stay in a "Recycle Bin" for 30 days, allowing restoration if needed.

    • Announcements not restored within 30 days will be permanently deleted.

We hope these enhancements provide a more streamlined user experience. Please update your Data Protection and Security Toolkit to take advantage of these new features and improvements.