How to create the Timesheet Builder support zip in Data Center?


Create your Timesheet Builder support zip to make a snapshot of the add-on configuration.

This zip file will help the Actonic support team to find cause of behavior faster. By applying the same settings you have we can easily reproduce the case you report.

How can I create the Timesheet Builder support zip?

Please nite, that you should have Jira administrator permissions to create a zip file.

To create a new file please kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Start button to be routed to the support zip creation.

  2. Click on the “Create support zip” button

  3. Wait until the file is created. Please do not close the tab.

  4. Download the file by clicking on the Download button

What data contains the Timesheet Builder support zip?

The Timesheet Builder support zip contains:

  1. Configuration settings:

    1. Global calendars and non-working days legends

    2. Periods configuration (duration, start periods date)

    3. First day of the week

    4. Worklog settings (if secured worklogs are allowed or not)

    5. User labels

    6. Permissions (user ids only)

  2. Team settings:

    1. Team ids

    2. Periods (if they are closed or not)

    3. Workload calendars and the default team calendar

    4. Roles

    5. User ids and associated workload and holiday calendar ids, personal non-working days