Timeline view (Timesheet Builder)

Timeline view

The timeline view allows users to get an overview of logged time over a specific time frame in a timeline. By choosing grouping options, users can decide which issues they want to appear and in which order.

Logging time in My Timesheets

Users can log time in My Timesheets by clicking on a day and filling out the log details.

Time tracking

Choose team in the Select team field, and work log will be shown in the chosen team's Timeline.

Additional features

Using the settings button in the top right corner, users can set the time format (days, hours, minutes) that will be displayed in Timeline.


The Sum subtasks option allows to view the total time that was spent on all subtasks within the parent task. If this option is disabled, the time for every subtask is displayed separately.


Exporting timesheets







Timesheets can be exported to Excel, CSV, or PDF format.

Check out the Use Cases My Timesheets for your personal timesheets.