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Please note, that the import from the Report Builder to the Timesheet Builder is supported only up to 1.17.0 Timesheet Builder version. You can get some incompatibility issues trying to move the settings from the Report Buider to the Timesheet Builder 1.18.0 version and higher.

If you want to move settings from the Report Builder to the Timesheet Builder, please make sure that you have the Timesheet Builder version 1.17.0 or lower. After the import you can update to the latest version of the Timesheet Builder.

To import the configuration and be sure that no issues will appear during the process, please follow the steps below:

  1. Upgrade to the version of Timesheet Builder which has the compatibility (1.17.0 or lower)

  2. Export Report Builder settings

  3. Import the data to the Timesheet Builder (1.17.0 or lower)

  4. Upgrade the Timesheet Builder app to the latest version

Do you want to migrate your existing configuration from Report Builder to Timesheet Builder? Read our guide and find out how to do it easily and quickly!