Inline Comments in Editor Documentation

Inline Comments in Editor  


Save time and do better work with a new way of giving feedback on pages and files in Confluence. Inline comments are a great way to bring others into the conversation. They allow you to leave remark on content, add important information, ask questions, and generally drive collaboration and teamwork forward.

Use cases

  • Start working with native inline comments in "View" mode using the default Confluence tool "Add Inline Comment"

  • Then go to "Edit" mode and keep on working with the same inline comments.
  • Click on the "Show/Hide inline comments" button in the top right corner of the page. As a result, all parts of the text that contain inline comments will be highlighted.
  • Click on any highlighted part of the page to see inline comments.

  • Navigate to any inline comment you need using arrows: 

Resolve/delete inline comments

  • You have the opportunity to resolve or delete inline comments directly while editing a page. Simply go to your comment, click the three dots and "resolve" or "delete".

Hide inline comments

  • To close a window with an inline comment, click on the cross button of the window - as a result, all highlighted parts of the text will remain and you can continue working with them.
  • To hide all highlights, click on the "Show/Hide inline comments" button in the top right corner.