Security concept of Secured work logs

What is the main idea of secured work logs?

The main goal of Secured work logs is to make them 100% not visible for teammates, who do not have permissions to see other teammate's work logs, or for non-teammates. This way can be used, if team wants 100% protection, so some work log data cannot be found on standard panels, which unfortunately cannot be hidden.

This option provides possibility to make work logs data not visible in system tabs as well.
Please note, that these work logs are still available through JQL queries, REST API, etc. This is standard Jira functionality, and we are not able to break all possible ways to get default Jira work logs.

What type of data will be stored/processed/accessed?

Actonic’s Timesheet Builder app can access following Jira data, fields:

  • From issue:

    • Issue ID

    • Time spent

    • Original estimation

    • Time remaining

  • From work log:

    • Work log author

    • Work log description

    • Work log Start date, Create date, Updated date

    • Properties

  • From current user:

    • Project Roles and permissions


Main difference between processing public and secured work logs is in processing properties.
However, it does not store any data in our application or outside Jira.
Data of Secured and Public work logs are stored the same way. All data is stored on your Jira database (server or data center). The only difference is that secured work logs are stored in a special Active Objects (AO) table, are only available to our app and cannot be pulled into the light without our app’s API.