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  1. [User Anonymizer] The module has been transformed into Data Cleaner.

  2. [Data Cleaner] A template allowing users to run the User Anonymization task has been added to the main page of the module. Similarly to Custom Anonymization, User Anonymization supports the search \ anonymization of data for the main system fields, as well as the main Shared Objects. Public API can now be used to connect custom anonymization modules. More information by this link

  3. [Data Cleaner] Tasks failed because of errors are now displayed on the History page. A tooltip with error description appears on hovering over such tasks. When editing the data cleaner template, only the number of enabled post functions will be displayed (not the total number of all created post functions, as before)

  4. Problems with exporting data in Access statistics and Notifications & Announcements modules have been fixed. New links to the add-on official documentation have been added.