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To perform the following steps, you need to be in the group Confluence-Administrators.

You can access the configurationin the Confluence Administration (choose Cog icon > Apps at top right of the screen) via the menu item Anonymizer Management -> User Anonymizer in the panel on the left side. Alternatively, you may use the Confluence search. Click into the search field or use the keyboard shortcut: type "gg", then "User Anonymizer".

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Image 1: User Anonymizer User Interface

Configure User Anonymizer

Please enter one or more users you want to anonymize (1) in the User Anonymizer form (see Image 1).

Set the technical anonymous user (2) you created manually before.

Optionally, you may choose decide to include or exclude selected spaces (3) to limit the anonymization process to a subset of Confluence content. If left empty, the anonymizer will anonymize all the spaces.

titleSince Version 1.5

Starting from version 1.5 you will be able to skip Test anonymization (5) and to click "Execute" (6) in order to execute the anonymization. 

Test Anonymization

Click "Test anonymization" (5) to test the anonymization with the currently selected options. In this step no personal data will be changed, it is safe to click this button.

As a result, you get a list of the elements that matches your selected users that will be anonymized (Image 2).

You will receive an email when the test anonymization is complete. You can close the browser tab once you have started the test anonymization.

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Image 2: Result table of "Test anonymization"

Execute Anonymization

The result table of "Test anonymization" (Image 3) gives you an overview of the elements that will be anonymized. Click "Execute" (6) to anonymize the personal data.


Anonymization cannot be undone. You will not be able to restore previous personal data. Please check your settings twice.

As the anonymization process may take a while depending on the amount of content, the current progress will be shown and updated automatically.

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Image 3: Running Anonymization progress

titleSince Version 1.3

Starting with version 1.3 you will be notified via email when the anonymization is complete. You can therefore close the browser tab once you have started the anonymization process.

The email will contain an overview over the results of each anonymization step.

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