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As a Confluence Admin, sooner or later, the time comes that you want to migrate a space or share it with someone. However, you don't always want to make the sensitive user data visible to everyone. If you export a space just like that from one Confluence account to the next, all user data like authors or comments will be transferred as well.


In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to use our GDPR Data Protection and Security tool Toolkit to do so.

Anonymize a complete space before the export in Confluence: step-by-step


To copy or rename a space in Confluence, you can use this Atlassian guide. It explains three approaches in detail.

You can:

  1. Use an app from the Marketplace

  2. Use the feature copy page hierarchy

  3. Export the space and modify the XML code

If you have done one of the steps and your data is now safe, you can start anonymizing your space.