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Table of Contents

Regex expressions

A simple example of a regular expression is a (literal) string. For example, the "Hello World" regex matches the "Hello World" string.

"." (dot) is another example of a regular expression. A dot matches with any single character, for example "a" or "1". The following table contains several regular expressions and describes with which search query pattern they would match.

this is textMatches exactly "this is text"
this\s+is\s+textMatches the word "this" followed by one or more whitespace characters followed by the word "is" followed by one or more whitespace characters followed by the word "text".

^ defines that the pattern of the search query must start with the beginning of a new line.

\d+ matches one or several digits.

The ? makes the statement in brackets optional.

. matches ".", brackets are used for grouping.

Matches for example with "5", "1.5" and "2.21".

For details please visit or


Search by text fields

summary issue in powerIssue("summary", ".*")
descriptionissue in powerIssue("description", ".*")

Case example

Task JQL
Simple usage - find any issue with the word "amber" in the beginning of the Summary fieldissue in powerIssue("summary", "(amber).*")
Any issue from POWERJQL project, where summary or description contains "text1" or "text2" (case-insensitive)issue in powerIssue("project=POWERJQL", "summary, description", "(?i).*(text1 | text2).*")

Search by user fields

Field JQL
assigneeissue in powerIssue("assignee", "Jackson")
reporterissue in powerIssue("reporter", "Lucas")
creatorissue in powerIssue("creator", "Liam")

Case example

Task JQL
Any issue where assignee name contains "Michael" (case insensitive)issue in powerIssue("assignee", "(?i).*(Michael).*")

Search by date fields

To search by date field use pattern "yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm"

createdissue in powerIssue("created", "2017.*")
updatedissue in powerIssue("updated", "2017/08/26.*")
due, duedateissue in powerIssue("due", "2017/08/26.*")
resolutiondateissue in powerIssue("resolutiondate", "2017/08.*")

Search by fixVersion, affectedVersion fields

fixVersionissue in powerIssue("fixVersion", ".(8\.5.).")to find all tickets with fix versions like 8.5.1, 8.5.2, etc.
affectedVersionissue in powerIssue("affectedVersion", ".(1\.0.).")to find all tickets with affected versions like 1.0.1, 1.0.2, etc.

Search by sprint

Any issue where sprint name contains "sample" (case-insensitive)issue in powerIssue("sprint", "(?i).*(sample).*")

Search by components field



Case example

Any not resolved issues where any component contains words "mobile" or "dev" in any part of component name (case-sensitive):

component in powerComponent("resolution=EMPTY", ".*(mobile | dev).*")


"powerHistory" JQL function

issue in powerHistory("some JQL", "fieldname", "regex expression")
issue in powerHistory("fieldname", "regex expression")

Case example:


"powerUser" JQL function

assignee in powerUser("fieldname", "regex expression")

Allowed fields:

  • username,
  • displayName,
  • email,
  • preference


issue in mentionedWithoutResponse("JQL subquery")

to get all tickets where the current user has been mentioned but without response

issue in mentionedWithoutResponse("JQL subquery", "userName")
to get all tickets where "userName" has been mentioned but without response:
3issue in mentionedWithoutResponse("JQL subquery""currentUser()")to get all tickets where current logged in user has been mentioned without response