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GDPR (DSVGO) Suite, user anonymizer, information announcement, automatization with Data Rules and much more


For a more powerful usage of the User Anonymizer there is special point option named "Trigger anonymizing user event" that allows to start your custom anonymization functions by using listening to this event. Learn more about how to do it in next article Handle UserAnonymizationEvent.


  • send a notification via Email
  • add a comment to the page/s
  • delete page
  • set page restrictions, here you have to select a group to those the rules apply

Access Statistics


  • Track and store all "Page View" events for any user (including anonymous).

  • Provide ability to filter access statistics by space or page in space (who have accessed the page and when).

  • Provide ability to filter access statistics by user (which pages user have seen and when).

  • Store statistics for some configurable period (by default 3 months); the time period is configurable.

  • This feature can be activated and deactivated by the Confluence system administrators.


Then click on the blue button "Filter" to see the results


Configuration is available on "GDPR and Security for Confluence settings" page.

There are following options:

'Enable Issue access statistics tracking' checkbox allows user to turn this feature off/on. The data will not be logged after checkbox is unchecked. All previous data is saved.

'Purge Issue access log after X day(s)' allows user to set a term of cleaning data

Use cases

Filter access statistics by space or page in space

In case you want to filter access statistics by space or page in space (who have accessed the page and when) you can select a value for 'Space' column and then if needed for 'Page' column. 


'Space' and 'Page' columns become unavailable.

Download CSV file

Also you are able to download CSV format file with output result. To do this just click on 'Export CSV' button and .csv file will be downloaded on your computer.

View Permissions

We build different GDPR tools to help out the system administrator. In many associations, multiple projects have the same requirements regarding access rights. Our view permission feature prevent having to look up permissions individually for every project or user across the entire Confluence instance. Once a user has view access permission to a project, you will see it in this tool.


With this function, any user is able to hide his profile from everyone.

Known Issues

1. Information Announcing. While creating or editing an announcement, there might be an error message in browser console similar to the image below: